Yellow Perch

Yellow perch are fairly easy to catch and are often one of the first types of fish caught by children in Manitoba. Perch are also one of the major food sources for the larger fish of the lakes.

Yellow Perch are oval shaped and usually the back and head are a bright green to olive or golden brown; the sides are a yellow-green to yellow with the color of the back extending down in about 6-8 dark vertical bars. Perch can live for up to 11 years.


Yellow Perch facts

Known for: Perch are known for being one of the finest tasting panfish.
Habitat: Perch hide close to shore among reeds, weeds, docks, and other structures.
Spawning: Perch spawn in shallow, weedy areas in early spring.
Trivia: Large yellow perch are often called “jumbo perch”.

Master Angler information

There have been many Master Angler perch registered from Quesnel, Manigotagan, and Happy Lakes. There have likely be many more,, but not registered.

Master Angler: 33 cm (13 in.)
Manitoba record: 40.64 cm (16 in.)

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