Northern Pike

Northern pike are one of the most common fish in Manitoba and have become one of the most sought after game fish. Anglers from all over North America come to Manitoba each year to catch Master Angler pike.


Northern Pike are most often olive, shading into yellow to white along the belly. Their flank is marked with short, light bar-like spots with a varying amount of dark spots on the fins.

Northern pike facts

Known for: Northern Pike are known for their voracious appetite, quick strikes, and of course, razor-sharp teeth.
Habitat: Pike are generally found near shallow, weedy parts of lakes and streams.
Spawning: Pike spawn in the spring, shortly after ice out

Master Angler information

There have been many Master Angler northern pike registered from Quesnel, Manigotagan, and Happy Lakes.

Master Angler: 104 cm (41 in.)
Manitoba record: 153.67 cm (60.5 in.)
Lodge record: 121.29 cm (47.75 in.)

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